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Book 8: Chapter 31 – Witnessing the Past


  1. The Dancing Girl is one of the highest achievements of the artists of Mohenjodaro. Her arms and the legs are disproportionately elongated.

  2. The Bull figurine is entirely handmade with cream slip on it. A knife is freely used in shaping the parts of body in details. Around the neck is a garland or plaited rope.

  3. The Woman in Grief is a rare plaque (a flat plate, slab or disk that is ornamented or engraved for mounting, as on a wall for decoration or on a monument for information). Its sculptor has succeeded in presenting her in a sad mood by the superb modeling of her sitting posture and the environment in the room.

  4. The Buddha Head is the most magnificent sculpture the like of which was never produced in India. This unique Buddha head is marked by most gracile features, ovaloid face, thick lips, sharp nose, half closed eyes, elongated earlobes and hair curls in the form of snails. It is calm incarnate since its spiritual content is highest.

  5. The Man in Agony is one of the typical examples of theatrical portrait head of an adult which reflects sharp facial features of Graeco-Roman origin. His hair are arranged in spiral curls and the forehead is adorned with floral decorations.

  6. The Holy Quran has been calligraphed in Kufic, the earliest style of Arabic writing, which had it s origin from Kufa, a town near Basra, in the 6th century AD. In the manuscript, the text is written in a set format. There are 10 to 11 lines in bold letters on each page, a little gap in between the words and diacritical marks in colour.

  7. The Mahabharata is an epic. It was composed by Maharishi Vyasa. The picture shown in the text book is of Udyoga Parvan,the fifth book which deals with preparations for the war.

  8. In the painting – Mahisasuramardini –goddess Durga iskilling the Buffalo demon Mahisaura.

  9. The Sword of Tipu Sultan is damascened in gold in floral and creeper design all over.

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