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Book 8: Chapter 14 – Stories Revolving Around Oceans


  1. The Old Man and the Sea is a novel. It was written by the American author Ernest Hemingway in 1951 in Cuba, and published in 1952. The Old Man and the Sea was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1953 and was cited by the Nobel Committee as contributing to the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Literature to Hemingway in 1954.

  2. Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea is a classic science fiction novel by French writer Jules Verne published in 1870. It tells the story of Captain Nemo and his submarine Nautilus as seen from the perspective of Professor Pierre Aronnax.

  3. Treasure Island is an adventure novel written by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, narrating a tale of "buccaneers and buried gold". First published as a book on 23 May 1883, it was originally serialized in the children's magazine Young Folks between 1881-82 under the title Treasure Island or, the mutiny of the Hispaniola with Stevenson adopting the pseudonym Captain George North.

  4. The Mutiny on the Bounty was a mutiny aboard the British Royal Navy ship HMS Bounty on 28 April 1789. The mutiny was led by Fletcher Christian against commanding officer Lieutenant William Bligh.

The novel tells the story through a fictional first-person narrator by the name of Roger Byam, based on actual crew member Peter Heywood.

  1. Robinson Crusoe is a novel by Daniel Defoe. It was first published on 25 April 1719. This first edition credited the work's fictional protagonist Robinson Crusoe.

The story is widely perceived to have been influenced by the life of Alexander Selkirk, a Scottish castaway who lived for four years on the Pacific island called "Mas a Tierra".

  1. Moby-Dick; or, The Whale is a novel by Herman Melville. It was first published in 1851. It is considered to be one of the Great American Novels and a treasure of world literature. The story tells the adventures of wandering sailor Ishmael and his voyage on the whaleship Pequod, commanded by Captain Ahab.

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