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Book 8: Chapter 4 – Indian Mammals


  1. Slender Loris is found in the forests of South India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. It is about 6 -10 in long and has a small tail. It weighs about 275 - 348g.

  2. Dholes are more social than wolves. Dhole clans frequently break into small packs of 3-5 animals. Like African wild dogs, their ears are rounded rather than pointed.

  3. Binturong is also known as the Asian Bearcat. But it is not a bear. Binturong can live over 20 years in captivity. One has been recorded to have lived almost 26 years. Its average length is usually between 60-96 cm (24-38 in) and average weight ranges between 9-14 kg.

  4. Red Panda is found in its natural habitat at eastern Himalayas and southeast China. It can rotate its ankle while descending a tree. The head and body length of red pandas averages 56 to 63 cm (22 to 25 in), and their tails about 37 to 47 cm (15 to 19 in). Males weigh 3.7 to 6.2 kg and females 4.2 to 6.0 kg.

  5. Sun Bear has a very long tongue measuring 1 to 10 in lengh. The sun bear is 120-150 cm (47-60 in) long, making it the smallest member in the bear family.

  6. The Pallas's Cat, named after German naturalist P. Simon Pallas (1741-1811), is a small-sized wild cat known for its flattened face, stocky build, and long hair.

  7. The Marco Polo Sheep is a subspecies of argali sheep, named after Marco Polo.

Their conservation status is ‘near threatened’ and efforts have been made to protect their numbers and keep them from commercial hunting.

  1. The Fishing Cat lives along rivers, streams and mangroveswamps. It is well adapted to this habitat, being an eager and skilled swimmer.

  2. Takin stands 100 to 130 cm (39 to 51 in) at the shoulder and weighs up to 350 kg

Biologist George Schaller likened the Takin to a ‘bee-stung moose’, because of the swollen appearance of its face. It is covered with a thick golden wool which turns black at the underbelly.

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