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Book 2: Chapter 22 – You Must Follow
  1. Keep Silence is a notice which informs us that one cannot make sound at that particular area or place. Generally these signs are found in the libraries.
  2. Beware of the dog is a warning sign indicating that a dangerous dog is within. Under English law, placing such a sign does not relieve the owner of responsibility for any harm which may come to people attacked by the dog.
  3. Do not feed the animals is a term that originated in zoos but has expanded into popular usage both as a warning and as a humorous display. The signs are used to discourage visitors from giving any food to the animals.
  4. Keep off the Grass is a warning notice which tells us not to walk on the grass.
  5. 5.     Drive Slow is a road sign which requests the driver to drive slowly at that particular area.
  6. Stick No Bill is a notice which tells us that no poster or advertisement can be stuck at the particular place.
  7. Houseful is a notice indicating that there is no seat available in the theatre or auditorium. 
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