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Book 4: Chapter 31 – River Sources in India

1. Gangotri Glacier is located in Uttarkashi District, Uttarakhand. The glacier is about 30 kilometres long and 2 to 4 km wide. This glacier, source of the Ganges (Ganga River), is one of the largest in the Himalayas.

2. The Indus River is a major river which flows through Pakistan. It also has courses through China and India.

3. The Beas River is a river in the northern part of India. The river rises in the Himalayas in central Himachal Pradesh, India.

4.  The Narmada River is also called Rewa. It is the fifth largest river in the Indian subcontinent.

5.  The BrahmaputraRiver is the only Indian river that is attributed the masculine gender.

6.  The Tapi River is a river in central India. It is one of the major rivers of peninsular India with a length of around 724 km. It is also spelt as Tapti.


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