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Book 5: Chapter 25 – Great Revolutions
  1. India recorded a spectacular increase both in area under oilseeds as well as its output, with production doubling from 11 million tonnes in 1986-87 to 22 million tonnes in 1994-95, thereby justifying the term - 'Yellow Revolution'.
  2. Blue Revolution has been attained by enhancing fish production. The Indian fisheries sector, which 50 years ago produced only 600 000 tonnes of fish, today produces 5 million tonnes, including 1.6 million tonnes from freshwater aquaculture.
  3. The introduction of high-yielding varieties of seeds and the increased use of fertilizers and irrigation are known collectively as the Green Revolution.  The Green Revolution refers to the increase in food production and in production of non-food items that has significantly and steadily taken place in India since 1966.
  4. Verghese Kurien is credited with being the architect of Operation Flood- the largest dairy development programme in the world. Kurien helped modernise the Anand model of cooperative dairy development and thus engineered the White Revolution in India, and made India the largest milk producer in the world.
  5. The Information Technology (IT) Revolution has shrunk the world to such an extent that it could be called a 'global village'.  No achievement of science has brought about such a transformation as IT. It has opened up an infinite number of new avenues in the fields of health care, education, entertainment, communication, commerce and agriculture.
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