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Book 5: Chapter 22 – Robots
  1. Robosaurus is a transforming dinosaur robot created by inventor Doug Malewicki in 1989. Robosaurus took two years and $2.2 million to build.
  2. ASIMO is a humanoid robot created by Honda. It was introduced in 2000. It is an acronym for ‘Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility’, was created to be a helper to people.
  3. For 20 years, scientists have studied Antarctica's Mt. Erebus volcano and its effect on the Antarctic atmosphere, but have been unable to collect pure gas samples from the crater directly. In January 1993, Dante II, an eight-legged, rappelling robot, attempted to explore the crater of Mt. Erebus.
  4. Kismet is a robot made in the late 1990s at Massachusetts Institute of Technologyby Dr. Cynthia Breazeal
  5. Genghis was built at MIT in the mid-1980s. Genghis weighs about 1 kilogram. It contains 6 pyroelectric sensors for detecting animal life and employs 12 motors to power its 6 independently operating legs. Genghis is now located in the National Air and Space Museum, Washington, D.C.
  6. The Cypher is a remote control helicopter for military surveillance. It has hover capability and can endure three hours of flight when powered by a 50-horsepower class engine.
  7. PackBot is a series of military robots byiRobot. PackBots were the first robots to enter the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami
  8. Mars Pathfinder was an American spacecraft that landed a base station with a roving probe on Mars in 1997. It consisted of a lander (a lander is a spacecraft which descends toward and comes to rest on the surface of an astronomical body), renamed the Carl Sagan Memorial Station and a lightweight (10.6 kilograms) wheeled robotic rover named Sojourner.
  9. The Deep Drone is a submersible remotely operated vehicle designed for mid-water salvage for the United States Navy
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