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Book 5: Chapter 18 – Great Inventors
  1. Leo Henricus Arthur Baekeland  was a Belgian-born American chemist. He invented photographic paper in 1893 and Bakelite in 1907. His invention of Bakelite, an early plastic, marked the beginning of the modern plastics industry.
  2. Gideon Sundback was a Swedish-American electrical engineer, who is most commonly associated with his work in the development of the zipper.
  3. Percy Lebaron Spencer was an American engineer and inventor. He became known as the inventor of the microwave oven.
  4. George de Mestral was a Swiss electrical engineer who invented hook and loop fastener.
  5. Douglas Carl Engelbart was an American engineer and inventor, and an early computer and Internet pioneer. He is best known for his work on the challenges of human–computer interaction.
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