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Book 3: Chapter 22 – On the Screen

1.     Microsoft Office Word is a word processor designed by Microsoft. It was first released in 1983 under the name Multi-Tool Word.

2.     Recycle bin is an icon on the Windows desktop that represents a directory where deleted files are temporarily stored. 

3.     My Computer allows the user to explore the contents of their computer drives as well as manage their computer files.

4.     Internet Explorer has been the most widely used web browser since 1999, attaining a peak of about 95 per cent usage share during 2002 and 2003. 

5.     Microsoft Excel is a proprietary commercial spreadsheet application written and distributed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows.

6.     My Documents is the name of a special folder on the computer's hard drive that the system commonly uses to store a user's documents, music, pictures, downloads, and other files.

7.     Microsoft PowerPoint, usually just called PowerPoint, is a presentation program developed by Microsoft. PowerPoint presentations consist of a number of individual pages or "slides".

8.     Notepad is a simple text editor for Microsoft Windows. It has been included in all versions of Microsoft Windows since Windows 1.0 in 1985.

9.     Paint (formerly Paintbrush for Windows) is a simple graphics painting program. It is often referred to as MS Paint or Microsoft Paint.

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