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Book 7: Chapter 7 – Renowned Environmentalists
  1. Wangari Muta Mary Jo Maathai became the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 for her contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace.

  2. Rachel Carson began her career as a biologist in the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries, and became a full-time nature writer in the 1950s.

  3. Rajendra Singh was born on 6 August 1959 at village Daula in Bagpat district in Uttar Pradesh near Meerut. In 2008, The Guardian named him amongst its list of ‘50 people who could save the planet’.

  4. Kinkri Devi was an Indian activist and environmentalist, best known for waging a war on illegal mining and quarrying in her native state of Himachal Pradesh. Devi was born in the village of Ghaton in the Sirmaurdistrict in 1925.

  5. Anil Agarwal was an Indian journalist and environmentalist who founded the Centre for Science and Environment in 1980. Agarwal, trained as a mechanical engineer at IIT Kanpur, worked as a science correspondent for the Hindustan Times. He was the editor of "Down To Earth", a science and environment magazine, and wrote widely for international publications. He wrote numerous books on science and environment in India.

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