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Book 1: Chapter 6 - Vegetables we Eat
  1. Pea is considered to be a vegetable, but in actual it is a fruit.
  2. Brinjal is also known as the eggplant in North America. During 18th-century it was grown in yellow or white colour in Europe, which resembled goose or hen's eggs, from where it derived its name eggplant.
  3. Its actual name is Okra. It is also known as lady's fingers, bhindi or gumbo in many English-speaking countries.
  4. The turnip or white turnip is a root vegetable. Its root is high in vitamin C.
  5. The onion is also known as the bulb onion or common onion. It is used as a vegetable. It is cultivated and used around the world.
  6. The carrot is a root vegetable. It has a crisp texture when fresh. Though it is mostly found in orange colour, but purple, red, white, and yellow varieties also exist.
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